Aurora Tech was started with a mission of helping all those family and friends who kept calling about their computer problems, and getting paid for it (sometimes). 

Who is at Aurora Tech, LLC.?

Michelle Barnhart, The first person here you will talk to is most likely to be Michelle.  Michelle is a great person to be your first experience with us here, Michelle can get you pointed in the right direction for your needs, whether it is Sales for a new Computer System, Laptop, Desktop or Server, or Allworx Telephone System.  Also she can get you routed to the Correct Technician for your needs or get a Technician sent out to your location.

Trevor Bartel, Trevor comes too us from the US Army, Stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas.  Trevor is primary phone support agent, Trevor has many years of experience in many types of computers, his depth is vast and may different system architectures.  Trevor is your resource for Apple, Unix, & Windows.

Sean Ferriss, Sean is our Web Designer.  Sean brings experience with Joomla, creating Web Sites for clients in need of a new company image on the internet.  Sean has been kept busy of late with many simultanious projects for many clients.

John Steward, John is our Founder, He started what later became Aurora Tech, LLC. under the direction of greatly missed Adrian Wright.  Adrian passed away December 2, 2011, he was the solid foundation that this business began with.  His guidance and direction has taken us to where we are, and where we are going, His "absolutely can do" take on life and business are instilled here at the core, also instilled here is his "Do What You Say Your Going To Do" Take to Life.

John comes from the IT Sales & Support aspects of the industry, Starting out at Egghead Software then to 800 Support doing Phone Technical Support for many product lines and manufactures, to Hollywood Entertainment Internal Technical Support for all 760 Hollywood Video Stores.  John takes care of your sales needs from Computer Systems, Networks, and Allworx Phones Systems, also John is your On-site Technician for your home and business needs, specializing in Microsoft Products.