Managed Services

Aurora Tech joins the managed services bandwagon.

What is Managed Services?

The computer IT world functions off of two business models... Break-Fix, and Managed Services... Aurora Tech started on Break-Fix and it has worked well... Customer calls with their hair on fire "my stuff is broken!!!" and we come fix it... this leads to many happy customers, but also a fireman mantality... we are always rushing to the next fire...  It seems more productive to use Managed Services.  We install a management client software on each of your computers, that software reports back to our systems with statical information several times a day.  This is done with an expected minor expense each month, rather than the oh my wonder what this is gonna cost proceedure...

How much is this going to cost me?

Simply put Managed Services will cost you $13 per workstation/laptop per month.  That includes Monitoring Services (Reporting), Remote Services, Anti-Virus, and Web Protect (Proxy Services, Kinda).  Servers cost a little more for the same features it is $33, this is because servers take more attention and monitoring.

Below you will find the cost break down al a carte if you will for each of the services offered.

Service Monthly Expense
Workstation / Laptop




Anti-Virus $5
Web Protect $5
Bundled(A/V & WP) $8
Backup is also a needed function in todays world, We have a managed backup solution that works great, there are several options available to us, including keeping a local copy available on your network for quick access and quick backup times.