About Us

Thank you for your interest in Aurora Tech.

Company History

Aurora Tech was opened in 2002. The vision for Aurora Tech was to help people, repair computers, assist with hardware & software issues, and to install and maintain business networks. Realizing not everyone that has a computer is comfortable using them, is why we are offering Remote Support, On-Site repair and pickup and delivery when possible. With these services, we have helped many customers in our area, we service not only Home Users, Small & Medium Businesses, but also the community we serve including the City of Aurora, & City of Gervais over the years. We are pleased to be able to introduce ourselves to you and hope that you will consider us for your computer needs.

Company People

Hello, my name is John Steward, I have worked in the Computer & IT industry all through-out my professional career. I started at Egghead Software in Clackamas, Oregon. At Egghead I learned Retail Sales and Computer Software, I have taken this experience with me to Software Etc. / Babbages, 800 Support, Micron Computer, ProGen Computer, and Hollywood Entertainment (IT Services Dept.). I learned Networking in a High School project at Madison High School with Portland Public Schools & US West (now CenturyLink). The project was to learn about networking and to make a proposal to wire each classroom of Madison to a school wide network. I learned a lot from this project, and it is another thing I bring with me.

Special Mention

Aurora Tech, LLC. was started in Aurora, Oregon at our family shop that Adrian Wright built to house his ventures, Performance Engines, Weda Instruments, and later APW. Adrian (Grandfather to John, and many others.) was an Entrepreneur, Automotive Mechanic by trade, and Mechanical Designer doing many amazing projects over the years. Adrian held 2 U.S. Patents pertaining to those projects. Working with Adrian daily for 12 years, taught me so much, I will forever be grateful for the time that I got spent with him. He encouraged the start of Aurora Tech, LLC. I was concerned about failing and not being able to stand on my own in business, his statement at the time was what I needed to hear. “Everyone is asking you for help, you may as well get paid for it. You’re not going to fail; I’m standing right here.” –Adrian Wright. I miss him every day, the most amazing man I have every known, and who I strive to be more and more like every day.